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Perspectivas de los socios

What is open source?

The first software built was proprietary, which means that access to the source code was restricted and only creators could make changes to it. As time went by the term open source was born.

Fragmented eHealth regulation in the EU

One of the goals of the European Commission has been to build a robust health union, including by addressing eHealth regulations.

The TeNDER home tracking system

One of the main objectives of the TeNDER project is to improve the Quality of Life of patients. This means, among other things, to increase safety perceptions, not only in patients but in family members and caregivers.

Digital health and social impact

Digital technologies are essential components of sustainable health systems and universal health coverage. To realise their potential, digital health initiatives must centre around the wider health needs of the population and be integrated into the digital health ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence and Health

The mention of artificial intelligence (AI) often conjures the figures of industry consultants and tech moguls overhyping it, dystopic images of superintelligences superseding ours, or the very real headlines of issues arising during the early adoption of certain systems, e.g., face recognition.

Towards integrated care: A policy view

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, life expectancy had been steadily increasing across Europe in recent decades. This was due to a variety of factors, including reductions in childhood mortality, rising living standards, advances in medicine, and improvements in healthcare delivery.