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TeNDER: exploiting technologies to enhance quality of life through patient identification and emotion recognition

To help elderly patients preserve their autonomy and live at home longer, some receive treatment at home. In this context, it is possible that they may experience a critical situation that will require further medical assistance.

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the quality of life of chronic patients

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of the entire world population, but if we also consider the impact on people affected by different chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease (PD), or cardiovascular pathologies, the scope is even greater.

Data-sharing for precision medicine & the well-being of people with dementia

In precision medicine, the focus is on identifying which approaches will be effective for patients based on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

Modern eHealth applications

The adoption of a well-designed eHealth application in everyday health practice can provide holistic solutions to extend the autonomy of patients while improving their Quality of Life (QoL).

TeNDER’s QoL Assessment methodology to be presented at conference in Corfu

We will also present a description of the QoL assessment questionnaires for participants (patients, caregivers, professionals) elaborated by the TeNDER consortium.

What is open source?

The first software built was proprietary, which means that access to the source code was restricted and only creators could make changes to it. As time went by the term open source was born.